FireShot Coffee LLC

Fireshot Coffee is an experience that is uniquely pleasurable. Complimented with an understated hint of spices, it brings with it a natural alertness and that delivers enjoyment and wakefulness. One of our bylines is "Understated to Perfection". We eschew the notion of a burning palate, instead opting for the gentle warmth, and surprise, of the touch of someone who loves you. This coffee loves you and so do we! Try it, and we think you will like it. We are so sure of this, that there is of course a money back guarantee.


Fireshot coffee origins

Kevin Bentch is the president of FireShot Coffee. He began to develop the concept of adding peppers to coffee some years back. He has offered this flavor to others, who have enjoyed the concept. Now, you can buy FireShot Coffee in multiple flavors and also enjoy these flavors! He enjoys being the chief taster of each new batch as well.

Joyce Bentch is the administrator of FireShot Coffee. She brings an excellence with respect to planning and organizing that are much appreciated!

Rachel Bettcher serves as the finance and bookkeeper administrator. She helps keep so many things moving it is hard to describe!


organic is best!

To the best of our ability, we obtain as many ingredients as we can that are organic. Our intent is to provide only the purest ingredients:  Coffee, Ghost Peppers, Ceyenne Peppers, Habanero peppers, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Cacao, and all other ingredients are as pure as we can get them. Not only do we believe this provides the benefit of more satisfying flavors but benefits of better health.

located in worland wyoming

Among the pristine locations in our nation, Wyoming is among the purest and most beautiful. Worland is located in the Wyoming central basin. Surrounded by mountains, the weather is surprisingly pleasant, all things considered. There are wide open spaces, and vast areas to explore, and breathe the clear air and enjoy pure land, rivers, and streams. We think formulating FireShot in Wyoming contributes to the unique excellence of our product.

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We hope to hear from you! Let us know your experiences enjoying FireShot coffee. Also, if you share the experience with your friends, please feel free to let us know how much they too enjoyed the FireShot experience.