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Just a Few of the Benefits of FireShot Coffee:
FireShot Coffee is an experience that is uniquely pleasurable. Complimented with an understated hint of spices, it brings with it a natural alertness and that delivers enjoyment and wakefulness. One of our bylines is "Understated to Perfection". We eschew the notion of a burning palate, instead opting for the gentle warmth, and surprise, of the touch of someone who loves you. This coffee loves you and so do we! Try it, and we think you will like it. We are so sure of this, that there is of course a money back guarantee. We are committed to your pleasure in our new product!

Studies have shown that the way that coffee interacts with your system is beneficial. The body has a slight increase in metabolism, resulting in an increased sense of attention and focus. Studies have shown that capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers that causes the hot sensation, causes beneficial metabolic responses as well. Endorphins are released. Good feelings arise and increase. This makes it easier for you to concentrate and to focus.

Those who are committed to working out know that consuming coffee after the workout can reduce muscle pain, due to increased circulation. Pepper essence (capsaicin) also opens up the blood vessels. These two substance work together synergistically for your benefit, health, and enjoyment.

Coffee and pepper essence both contain antioxidants. The health benefits of antioxidants have long been known and studied. Eye health, liver function health, brain health, and nerve tissue health are just a few of the physical structures that receive increased health based on consumption of antioxidants.

Specific benefits of pepper essence, specifically capsaicin, includes general pain relief, reduction in headaches, especially the cluster form or migraines, assist with diabetes management, and helps with weight loss efforts. And by the way, the chemical composition of capsaicin contains no calories!


Connect the Fire in your Soul - What burns in your heart and soul? What is the thing you are bound to do today, no matter what! It is that thing that gets connected to your strength and energy. It is that power that you access, that makes things happen. How likely is it that FireShot coffee may help with that process? Fans of FireShot claim that this is indeed the case. This is a connection that you feel in your soul. It is the time that things flow flawlessly. It is that time when thing are brighter...

Why FireShot Coffee? - Studies have shown that a few cups of coffee each day have been linked to increasing and maintaining mental acuity, and avoiding conditions such as alzheimers. That's right! A way to insure that you continue your peak abilities unabated, strong, powerful, and enjoyable is to drink FireShot daily. Some say the best is "soon and often". OK - we got that quote... (More)

Antioxidants - Coffee itself is filled with antioxidants. These have long been known to fight free radicals at the cellular level in a magestically healthy way. FireShot contains even more antioxidants due to the capsacin contained in the extradraordinary mix of multiple peppers (Cayenne, Habanero, and Ghost). The benefits of antioxidants help your cells live longer and be stronger... (More).

Feelings of Happiness - Happiness bordering on eupohoria have been reported by people who drink FireShot coffee. This is especially true when they are consumting their favorite FireShot brew. 

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